Italian night part 1 : Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce

So today I felt like Italian! My favourite cuisine ♥ I stumbled upon a recipe for an Italian sauce called MARINARA which is basically tomato sauce. BUT! it’s so much more than that….*looking into the horizon to seem mysterious*

I found the recipe here but I cut everything in half since it’s my first try and I was afraid I’d mess it up. Luckily it turned out to be AMAZING!!! 


I did not use Parsley (I didn’t have any available) and I didn’t put grated carrots (I didn’t want it to be too sweet). I also added some black pepper.


How to peel tomatoes easily:Drop them in boiling water for around 20 seconds and then drop them in an ice bath. It will peel a lot easier this way!


The house was filled with the smell of Italy! Everyone absolutely loved it!


I stopped cooking it after an hour and a half (not 2 to 3 like the recipe since the quantity was cut in half). I wanted it to be more of a puree to be easier for dipping, so I used the food processor while it’s still hot. Store in a jar for a week!

PS: This recipe takes 2 hours cooking time because it is made using fresh tomatoes. You can make this in 10 minutes using canned tomatoes (you can buy them anywhere), but I’m a fan of fresh ingredients and nothing that could have suspicious ingredients. BUT, if you make your own canned tomatoes at home when it’s tomato seasons, go ahead and use them!

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