Rouge Bordeaux Gemmayze

Rouge Bordeaux is THE place for a fine dining experience. The place looks like an old house in Gemmayze, renovated into a classy bistro à vin. The décor and lighting are very cozy, the waiters are super friendly, the prices are very fair and they have a singer (English and French) every Saturday night.

They do not have printed menus. The waiter will present to you their dishes written on a black board and will explain to you what each platter consists of.


We started with a plateau de fromage et charcuterie. The platter had many types of cheese and cold cuts and the waiter added a generous portion of foie gras (on the house, which was really cool!)

As for the main platters, we ordered two:

Boeuf Bourguignon (their specialty). It is indeed a generous portion. This plate was just perfect and I had no complaints about it.


Cuisse de Canard Confite. The waiter was kind enough to point out that duck meat is rich in fat in case we had a problem with that (of course we didn’t :P) The duck was amazing, but I didn’t like the potatoes much, I thought that they were too greasy and needed to be lighters since the Canard is already high in fat.


Our meal was accompanied by a bottle of white wine (Pouilly) served of course in an ice bucket and the waiter never let our glasses go empty!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any place left for desserts, even though they had some pretty interesting things. I will definitely pass by again to try them!

There is also a little detail that I didn’t like. Upon arriving, the waiter opened a big bottle of water without asking us and we were charged 6500 LL for it (we barely drank one third of it!). I think it is up for the customers to decide if they want it or not.

As you guys see, I really enjoyed my dining experience at Rouge Bordeaux. There is no doubt that I will be coming back again very soon, and I recommend it to all my lovely readers for a romantic date or a cozy get-together

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