Buffalo Steak House

I have wanted to try this place for a long time, and I finally had a chance! We went to Ajaltoun branch for dinner. The place is very cosy, all wood, red lights, candles on the table, fireplace, a singer on Saturdays… The staff are very friendly and helpful.

The menu is simple and clear. One little detail caught my attention: the prices are VAT EXCLUDED. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to any place where the VAT isn’t included in the final price. I wish they would fix this.

We were served a basket of hot bread with its condiments (free of charge). The bread was a little chewy.

Dinner was accompanied with a bottle of Blanc De Blanc.


What we ordered:

Grilled chicken wings (appetizer): Wow! Very rich in taste, they’re amazing! However I don’t recommend ordering any appetizer because the main dishes alone and a drink will keep you feeling more than full!


Rib Eye Steak: Medium cooked. I loved it! It was a little chewy though in some places. I didn’t order any sauce with it I just squeezed some barbecue sauce on the side. The grilled potato was amazing with some sour cream in it.


The New York Steak: (400g) This is for the big eaters! My date ordered mushroom sauce with it. It tasted the same as my steak (Well, Duh!) I’m sorry I don’t have a picture because something went wrong with my phone and I can’t find it anymore!

For all of you who haven’t been to Buffalo, know that the sauce IS NOT FREE. It doesn’t come with the steak even though the waiter asks you immediately what kind of sauce you want. The menu doesn’t say as well that the sauce is an extra. I find it really weird and bad because you’re already paying 52 000 L.L for a steak. In most restaurants, every steak plate comes with your choice of sauce included. They better fix this too! And we were charged 7200 L.L for 2 sauces even though we ordered only 1 sauce.

We didn’t have any place left for desserts, unfortunately!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, but I wouldn’t go back soon because we felt ripped off a little.

One thought on “Buffalo Steak House

  1. The food looks good! In Thailand in almost every restaurant/bar the prices are vat and service fees excluded. I still don’t understand the logic behind this decision.


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