Olac Restaurant Zaarour : A sweet escape

Olac is a restaurant located in Zaarour with a view over a big lake. They serve French and Italian fine cuisine. The interior is very cosy, similar to a hunter’s mountain cabana with a fireplace, wooden décor, leather couches and earthy colours everywhere.


I went there on a Saturday night. The place was surprisingly empty but I didn’t mind at all! The waiters and the manager were super friendly and helpful and checked on us constantly, refilling our wine and water glasses, removing empty plates, replacing our bread baskets with hot ones and refilling the peanuts.


What we ordered:

Cheese plate: It had all the standard cheese types, served with butter, olive spread and a hot bread basket. Generous portions and high quality cheeses, however I would add some fig compote for the Blue Cheese.


Grilled Salmon: served with mashed potatoes. The salmon was soft and just melted in my mouth, however it lacked a little salt. The sauce was light yet rich and compensated for that lack of salt in the salmon.


Steak Frites: simply delicious! The steak was tender and juicy, served with a perfect amount of sauce and a side of amazing golden fries.


Desserts: Pain Perdu and Fondant au Chocolat. The Fondant was fresh and delicious, but it’s the Pain Perdu that caught all the attention! Without exaggeration, it was the best Pain Perdu I’ve ever had! Just perfect!


Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

 photo from Google, I couldn’t find the source so if you’re the photo owner please contact me for credit. 

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