The Sunset Canapé at éCafé with the serVme Team!

Rue Sursock is one of my favourite areas around Ashrafiye. It is a calm street in the middle of a busy Beirut, hiding a lot of history and a little gem called éCafé! I had the pleasure to attend a gathering organized by the serVme team, the “Sunset Canapé”, and savour many little creations.

Here’s the menu and some of the items we tasted:


Sangrias and and fresh fruit punch for the welcoming with an assortment of Tapenade, cheese, grapes and apples

20150806_191634 20150806_192313


Pasta with Cheese and Tomatoes


Risotto con Scamarza


Mini Burgers


Tuna Tartare and Marinated Salmon


Mousse au Chocolat


Crème Brulée


Pain Perdu


Ricotta minced with rose petals


The food was simply amazing! Every item is rich in flavours that go so well together. éCafé is the place for a fine dining experience with a high quality and rich cuisine. The general ambiance is very cosy and relaxing, which is something essential for me in a restaurant. I will definitely be coming back very soon and I recommend this for everyone for date nights or simple get-togethers with friends and loved ones. Make sure to check their special nights and happy hour, and don’t forget to make reservations! (éCafé is available on the serVme app)

More about serVme:

serVme is your booking app to popular casual to fine dining restaurants and pubs in Lebanon. You can download serVme from App Store or Google Play for free.

You can filter restaurants by location, cuisine, venue types and price range. Once you’ve made a reservation, you will receive a confirmation text that you can share with your friends over WhatsApp. You can find restaurants like BistroBar Live, Cinco Lounge, Lisa, Garden State and many others. This is a time saving application and I recommend everyone to use it!


Download serVme on iOS and Android to begin your dining experience!

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