The Hangout Beirut: Exquisite Foodies Meeting with Zomato and Salim Heleiwa

On Wednesday October 9, I had the pleasure to attend an exquisite foodies get-together, organized by Zomato Lebanon and held at the Hangout Beirut. We were first greeted by the owner, Mr Salim Heleiwa who gave us a tour of the restaurant, which was a 19th century house, and explained to us its history, not forgetting a single detail! Mr Heleiwa is passionate about wine and fine cuisine, and this passion was perfectly translated with the dinner later on.

After the tour, we all sat down to enjoy a mouth-watering menu sampling in a cosy setting and beautiful Jazz music playing in the background. We were introduced to 7 Lebanese wines, starting with Rosé, White and Red, and then topping it all with a delicious sweet Red wine for the perfect end. All wines were paired with matching food to create a unique taste.

With every wine, Mr Heleiwa’s eyes lit up with passion! He shared with us the history of every single bottle, from the terroir and the first vine planted, to the bottling and so on so forth.

This was one of the most interesting evenings I’ve attended. It was my first time at The Hangout Beirut and I’m so glad to have discovered this place. I definitely recommend it for romantic dinners or simply cosy and calm get-togethers. The food was FLAWLESS. My favourites were the Frikeh cooked like Risotto, the Duck and the desserts (the Pain-Perdu is the best I’ve ever tasted).

Make sure to reserve ahead and ask about their Jazz nights with live music. Here are some pictures of the night!






Snapchat-6652809001894749244-01  Snapchat-3530030103413046489-01 Snapchat-3069955391034569688-01



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