Curly Hair 101: Love Your Hair!

Today I am writing about a subject that took me years to be at peace with. Curly hair.

As most of you know, I have curly hair that I wouldn’t trade for the world! I love my curls so much and they are a big part of my personality and my trademark. But it wasn’t always like that!


All through my childhood and my teenage years, I hated my hair and I always begged my mother to let me get a permanent straightening (I still thank her every day for not letting me). One day, I’ve decided to stop hating on my hair and find ways to live with it. The problem was that my hair was always frizzy and my curls were damaged and undefined. I had no idea how to tame it, and the media made it worse with all the straight hair glorification and portraying us as the “before” in the makeovers.

However, curly hair needs special attention. There is no curl like the other, so you have to put up a routine that works for your hair type. I will share with you my personal basic routine that keeps my curls shiny and bouncy and gives them that S shape.

First of all, I am a swimmer (hobby). I swim almost daily all year round in chlorine water that is not so good for the hair, and still, I’m not bald yet! Let’s start step by step.

– Before washing my hair, I untangle my curls with my fingers gently.

– Jumping in the shower, I shampoo once and then I use conditioner. I leave the conditioner while I wash my body or for around 5 minutes, and then I continue to untangle my hair with my FINGERS only. I use a comb every 10 days or so if it’s really needed.

-After the shower, I squeeze out the water out of my hair and I wrap an old 100% cotton T-shirt around my head for about 2 minutes. I NEVER use a towel on my hair because it’s very harsh and it will frizz like CRAZY.

-Styling: I use hair mousse. For a while I’ve been using TRESemmé mousse and I’m loving it! It works really well with my curls and it leaves them soft, silky and bouncy without being too harsh. Now there’s a way to put mousse in your hair. Don’t just run your fingers through your curls or they will break and frizz. Instead, you should scrunch the mousse in: put some mousse in your palm and squeeze your hair with your whole hand.

– After applying the mousse, if I feel like my hair is still very wet, I use the T-shirt again gently. I leave my hair to air dry and I don’t touch it again. I don’t use a blow-dryer or a diffuser because my curls never really liked them.

This routine works for almost everyone! You should experiment and go with whatever works for your curls. Some “curly hair” products will not be compatible with your hair, and that’s okay! You don’t need expensive products. You will learn through trial and error. Always surf the net for more articles and personal experiences like this, it will help a lot!

IMG_20150822_125653 (1)

Curly hair is special. It is fun, wild, unique and elegant and anything you want it to be! Don’t feel like you’re limited to only one or two hairstyles. Don’t be sad when the TV and the hair ads pay more attention to straight hair or try and convince you that you should get rid of your curls. Once you find what works for you, you will fall madly in love with your hair. We are not the before in the makeovers. We are special! And to show you what curly hair is capable of, I cut my hair short in a Bob style, and I’m loving it even more! It’s a very elegant cut that you can wear in many ways. Love your curls ladies! You are gorgeous ♥



5 thoughts on “Curly Hair 101: Love Your Hair!

  1. I shall try out some of the tips you mentioned. Curly hair is such a drag sometimes, but I still haven’t perfected by hair routine (although things have improved over the years).


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