Dark Chocolate Tart Recipe: The Classic

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing a very special recipe: traditional french Dark Chocolate Tart.

This tart is everyone’s favourite at home. It is very heart warming and brings instant happiness. This recipe is traditional with simple ingredients, yet it has a very fancy and sophisticated taste!

I stumbled upon it on an amazing website that shares recipes along with videos, and I recommend everyone to head there whenever they’re in a cooking mood. It’s called SORTED FOOD and it’s one of the best recipe websites that I use.

I followed their recipe step by step and used the exact same ingredients without any modifications. The outcome was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! I also played the video while cooking and it helped me a lot.

Click HERE for the recipe. (link to sortedfood.com and it will open a new tab)

I will share my own photos and some remarks.

The Crust:


20160126_153630-01 (1)

20160126_153948-01 (1)


The dough should rest just as they recommended. If you don’t have free time for this recipe, leave it for some other day. I wasn’t very satisfied with the crust shape at the end because I used an old tart case but I will do another kind of tart in the new one to get that perfect shape. The taste though was great! Make sure you oil your tart case and sprinkle some flour all over it so you wouldn’t risk the tart sticking and breaking.

The Chocolate Ganach:


I used 70% dark chocolate. You can use milk chocolate if you like or half half. I wanted the ganach to be a bit creamier than the recipe so I played a little with the ingredients measures (don’t do that if you’ve never done it before!)



And Voilà! A simple sophisticated tart that is a crowd pleaser! It was really easy to make but as I’ve mentioned earlier, it needs time and patience and don’t try to invent ingredients or use substitutes that you’re not 100% sure of!

Bon Appétit everyone! Leave me your feedbacks and other tart recipes ♥

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