Iftar & Souhour at Améthyste Lounge – Phoenicia Hotel

The month of Ramadan is all about positive energy. It helps you cleanse yourself on a spiritual level and it brings people closer. Here in Lebanon, Ramadan is celebrated by almost everyone. Muslim and Christian friends often meet for Iftar and Souhour, united by beautiful vibes and mutual respect.

On Tuesday, June 14, I was happy to attend an Iftar & Souhour invitation at Améthyste Lounge at Phoenicia Hotel. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re looking for an amazing place for your next Iftar and Souhour!

Photo via People At Night

Iftar is served at Améthyste and Mosaic every day during the month of Ramadan starting 8 PM. It’s a large buffet with a whole lot of varieties to satisfy all tastes. You have the typical Lebanese menu which consists of the usual delicious cold appetisers ( Humus, moutabbal, fattoush, tabbouli….), barbecue (chicken, beef, kafta…), shawarma and oriental platters (mloukhiye, stuffed vine leaves/warak inab…).

Photo via People At Night.

As for the International side, you have all kinds of salads (panache, goat cheese, chicken, seafood…), hot platters and live stations (paella, pasta, casadillas, gratin…) and there’s also an Indian corner with typical Indian dishes! Note that the Iftar buffet changes daily and you can always choose between meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian which is very important to satisfy all food lovers. As for the food itself, it was delicious! Fresh and oh so full of taste! And of course Iftar is not complete without Ramadan drinks. Jellab and Amar-El-Din are served alongside the food.

Snapchat-900394244845272792-01 (1440 x 810)
Paella Dish – Photo by When In Beirut.

Desserts are also served and you can choose between oriental sweets (knefe, kellej, halawit al jeben…) and other international cakes and desserts, which all tasted great! But what I liked the most is the chocolate fountain: marshmallow and fruits dipped in dark chocolate sauce!

Snapchat-4570245598901688640-01 (810 x 1440)
Chocolate Fountain – Photo by When In Beirut.

As for souhour, it is à-la-carte. Starting 10 PM till after midnight, you can choose whatever you want from Améthyste’s menu as you enjoy a shisha by the pool. The menu is international.

Photo via People At Night.

It was a very pleasant experience. Overall, the food and drinks were delicious and the vibes were amazing, especially with the sounds of Oud in the background. I definitely recommend you try Iftar and Souhour and Phoenicia Hotel. Now it’s your turn, which restaurant is your favourite for Iftar/Souhour?

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