ESMOD Beirut Fashion Show Academic Year 2015-2016

ESMOD Beirut celebrated its end of the year graduation events on June 20th and 23rdin the presence of Tony Ward, the chair of the professional jury 2015-2016. The 2016 prizes are in the table below.

C63O6788 (1224 x 816)
Class of 2015-2016.

The Professional Jury took place in ESMOD premises on June 20th from 9am to 1pm. The selection of the jury members was carefully done to ensure complementary backgrounds and skills: Tony Ward (Chair), Maria Fors (ESMOD Paris), Eric Lebas (French Embassy), Hadia Sinno (Fashion expert and journalist), Rola Labban (alumnus at Elie Saab), Cynthia Sarkis Perros (Event Consultant), Sarah Beydoun (Designer and owner of Sarah’s bag),Denise Soda (Basil Soda), Rami Kadi (alumnus – Rami Kadi Couture),Cynthia Raffoul (alumnus – Cynthia Raffoul jewelry) , Youmna Assouad (alumnus at Tony Ward), Ghalia Boustani (alumnus, lecturer & consultant on Fashion Business), Robert Bou Abboud (Azadea Group), Assaad El-Osta (alumnus – Azzi &Osta), and Hussein Bazaza (alumnus – Hussein Bazaza couture).

JihanHarfoush (1440 x 960)
Jihan Harfoush.

The graduation ceremony and end of the year Fashion Show were held on June 23rdin the magical setting of Zaitunay Bay.  Invitees were able to discover almost 100 total looks reflecting the richness of our students’ personal universe with themes such as “Ego of Babylon”, “Lost and Found”, “Leftover traces” or “Constructive Chaos.”  These collections are the result of three years’ hard work in the school. ESMOD Beirut students are regularly monitored by their professors, ESMOD Paris and jury members who evaluate their work and provide them with constructive suggestions for improvement. ESMOD Beirut was privileged to have for the second consecutive year time as artistic director, Rami Kadi who accompanied the students throughout the year and provided them with individualised advice to better express their personal universe.

RanyaKarram (1440 x 960)
Ranya Karram.

The show gave the opportunity to announce new initiatives at ESMOD Beirut.The school decided to integrate the concept of Sustainability in the Three Year Curriculum through awareness raising to all students. Also, the third year students will be asked to design their collections using a Zero Waste Technique. ESMOD Beirut hopes to be among the first educational institutions to tackle this issue for the upcoming sustainable fashion eras.We got inspired by our guest and pioneer in Textile Ecology, Rolf Heimann who gave a conference and workshop during 2016 Beirut Design Week on Growing Sustainability.

ReemAbdelatif (816 x 1224)
Reem Abdelatif.

Also, some evening courses have been slightly amended based on demand. The duration of the Fashion Business course taught by Youmna Assouad and Ghalia Boustani will be expanded to 70 hours, will have more outing to Department Stores, and guests from the professional world will be invited to share their experiences. The Fashion Design courses of six months and the Styling & Consulting workshop taught by Ghada Kazan will have two levels as of next academic year.

RihamElBizri (1440 x 960)
Riham El Bizri.


·        Fashion Design: Rita Khodur
·        Pattern Making: Jihane L’Emir Ahmad Harfouch
·        Jury: Ranya Karram
·        Coup de Coeur: Nazem El Orra & Reem Abdelatif
·        Innovation : Linda Harb
·        Aiguille d’or : Riham El Bizri

RitaKhodor (960 x 1440)
Rita Khodor.


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