8 Things that Happen When You Adopt a Jack Russell

If happiness could be defined in just one word, it would be ‘dogs.’ Now not all of you may understand what I mean, but if you’re a dog person, I’m pretty sure your eyes already lit up. Seven months ago I’ve decided to adopt a dog after almost a year since my childhood canine best friend (Tina) passed away.

I stumbled upon a little two-month old puppy who I named ‘Lana’. She was a beautiful white and brown Jack Russell with black spots all over her body and I fell in love instantly! But let me tell you one thing. Jack Russells are more than a handful as they don’t even consider themselves dogs! Here are 8 things that happen when you decide to adopt a Jack Russell.

Lana on her first day home!

1) Say bye-bye to tranquillity. Jacks have an inner nuclear power plant and produce enough energy to keep on jumping non-stop for the next 15 years. And of course, you’re their play time companion 24/7. Keep your running shoes close!

2) The earlier you accept the fact that you will never be your dog’s master, the less stressed you’ll be. It is you who’s going to shake and jump and catch the ball.

3) Everything you’ve ever loved now belongs to your Jack Russell. They won’t even share with you!

4) They will control you with their puppy eyes no matter how much you try to resist.

5) If you don’t want to walk the streets barefoot, buy your new best friend a lot of chewable toys. They won’t think twice before devouring your favourite shoes. And they have a pretty expensive taste!

6) You will become a morning person. Oh heck, even a dawn person! As soon as your Jack Russell wakes up, you have no choice but to drag your butt out of bed as well and start playing with them.

Always by my side!

7) Speaking of sleep, be ready to share your bed as well! You can buy your dog all the mattresses and houses in the world, your bed will still be their one and only choice. Buy them a pillow.

8) Last but not least, be ready to receive unbelievable amounts of unconditional and pure love!

Jack Russells just looove showing their teeth!

Ever since Lana moved into our home, everyone’s life changed for the better. She’s a bundle of love and joy and there can never be any negative vibe when she’s around. However, Jack Russells are a handful and they require a lot of care and patience. Please think carefully before you decided to adopt one as they are not suitable for everyone. It is better if you have previous experience with energetic dogs. Ask your vet and do your researches. You can even contact me for any questions you might have!
“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

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