The Classics: Baba Au Rhum Recipe (English)

Hello everyone! Can you believe it’s July already? I could swear it was December last week! Anyway, July is one of my favourite months, and for that I decided to make a very classic dessert from the French cuisine: Baba au Rhum! (Rhum cake).

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Dark Chocolate Tart Recipe: The Classic

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing a very special recipe: traditional french Dark Chocolate Tart.

This tart is everyone’s favourite at home. It is very heart warming and brings instant happiness. This recipe is traditional with simple ingredients, yet it has a very fancy and sophisticated taste!

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Hot Chocolate – Hot Cocoa: Info and Recipes

If there’s one thing the whole world could agree on, it’s that Hot Chocolate is simply D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!  It takes you back to that warm and happy place where you’re wearing fuzzy socks while watching Saturday morning cartoons. It’s basically a passport to Winter Wonderland!


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Starbucks Lebanon New Desserts

Starbucks had always been one of my favourite coffee shops for their high quality beverages and delicious desserts. The company has recently introduced a new collection of desserts here in Lebanon and they’re just amazing! Starbucks needed that kind of change.

The Snickers cake: I would say it’s more of a Snickers “inspired” but the taste is close enough to the bar and just as good!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack: Although I’m a big fan of chocolate/PB combination, this one did not leave the impression I thought it would. It’s good but not great.

Chocolate Cake: This is the traditional chocolate cake. It’s delicious and satisfying. Carrot Cake is also available but I didn’t get the chance to taste is yet.


The Molten Cake: This one here is my favourite! Ask the staff to heat it up for you so the chocolate would melt (careful not to let them over heat it cause it will taste like burned cake as it happened once)


Blueberry Cheesecake: As long as it’s still very fresh, this dessert is nothing but delicious! There is also a Chocolate Cheesecake version that I still haven’t tasted.

Ci-gusta Hamra: Never Again

Where do I start with this place? I found Cigusta through Instagram and I instantly fell in love with their dishes (pictures) and the place in general. So on one beautiful Saturday afternoon; I decided I wanted to enjoy a nice Italian dessert. Arriving at Cigusta, the manager greeted us and sent the waiter to take our order, and that’s where the disasters began.

The waiter was super unfriendly and looked like he was bored to death with his job, and he smelled of cigarettes as well (he actually went out twice for a smoke break just outside the door in less than 40 minutes).

I ordered a Ferrero Ice Cream cup which looked heavenly in the pictures. I was served instead something called Choco Heaven, as I saw later when I got the bill. I felt that something was wrong with the order while I ate it because there wasn’t any Ferrero taste at all, but I didn’t mention anything to the waiter because I kept expecting the Ferrero to show up!). I stopped eating halfway through because it was too sweet and it made me nauseous so I just assumed that the Ferrero was hidden deep down the cup. When the bill came I pointed it out to the waiter and this is how it went:

-Excuse me sir, I ordered a Ferrero cup but I was served instead this Choco Heaven

-Eh I know, the manager made it, I knew it was the wrong order

-Then why did you serve it if you knew it was not what I wanted?

-Shou baddik ya3ne? Bjeblik ghayra halla2? (With a very rude, nonchalant, mocking voice)

-No thank you, I was just pointing it out.

The service was extremely unprofessional, and even IF the dessert was actually tasty, I would never set foot in that place again!

Now back to the food. To be honest, it was very average, and I’m not saying this because I was not pleased with the service. We ate:

-Choco Heaven cup

This should be called Sugar Cup. It was sweet chocolate ice cream covered with sweet melted chocolate, sweet chocolate syrup, sweet chocolate chips and topped with whipped cream. The flavour was lost in all that sweetness and all I got from it was nausea.


-Choco Banana waffle

I asked specifically for DARK CHOCOLATE on the waffle but I got very sweet chocolate which ruined the experience for me. The waffle didn’t seem fresh either. The dish came with vanilla ice cream which is the only thing that I liked.


I was very disappointed with this experience. Unprofessional service and average food, the place is indeed overrated. I hope they do something about it.