Dark Chocolate Tart Recipe: The Classic

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing a very special recipe: traditional french Dark Chocolate Tart.

This tart is everyone’s favourite at home. It is very heart warming and brings instant happiness. This recipe is traditional with simple ingredients, yet it has a very fancy and sophisticated taste!

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Mezzo Art Lounge, The Perfect Birthday Getaway

Back in the ninety-something, on a beautiful Autumn morning, a little food lover was born.

This year, I was super duper excited to celebrate my birthday, and so I was determined to find the perfect restaurant. After a long search, I found a little gem that combined my passion for fine cuisine, Art and beautiful bourgeois architecture. This place is called Mezzo Art Lounge.

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The Hangout Beirut: Exquisite Foodies Meeting with Zomato and Salim Heleiwa

On Wednesday October 9, I had the pleasure to attend an exquisite foodies get-together, organized by Zomato Lebanon and held at the Hangout Beirut. We were first greeted by the owner, Mr Salim Heleiwa who gave us a tour of the restaurant, which was a 19th century house, and explained to us its history, not forgetting a single detail! Mr Heleiwa is passionate about wine and fine cuisine, and this passion was perfectly translated with the dinner later on.

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Au Bistro de Michel

So I was on a quest to find a decent french bistro in Lebanon with affordable prices and high quality meals. And here we are: Au Bistro de Michel!

It is a small hidden place in the alleys of Ashrafiye (Behind Rizk Hospital). The place can serve up to around 30 customers at once. Cozy atmosphere, super friendly waiters, and Michel himself is just AMAZING. He greets every customer personally and chats with them from time to time, he will make sure you are having the best experience you could get at his bistro.

Now back to the food. You don’t have a wide variety of dishes to chose from which is good for some (like me, it didn’t take me 30 minutes to decide) and bad for others. We ordered:

A cheese plate : The cheese presented happened to be my favourite so there’s no complaining at all! The bread was hot and fresh and the waiter would change the basket as soon as it’s empty or if the bread got cold.


Australian Steak : It was exactly the way I asked for it to be cooked, well done from the outside but still tender on the inside. Simply perfect!


Poulet Forestière : The flavours mixed well, and the chicken was tender and delicious!


For dessert: Moelleux Chocolat de Cedrik: Apparently, nobody eats at Michel’s without having this dessert, and now I know why! (My phone died so I couldn’t take a picture, I will just borrow it from my food reference in life, the great No Garlic No Onions)


So as you see, I am in love with Au Bistro de Michel. I couldn’t find a single negative detail about this place. Recommended to EVERYONE!