Dark Chocolate Tart Recipe: The Classic

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing a very special recipe: traditional french Dark Chocolate Tart.

This tart is everyone’s favourite at home. It is very heart warming and brings instant happiness. This recipe is traditional with simple ingredients, yet it has a very fancy and sophisticated taste!

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La Mode A Beyrouth, Beirut’s Official Fashion Week, 1st Edition

Beirut, Lebanon – L.I.P.S. Management, founded by Mr. Johnny Fadlallah (CEO), presented “La Mode A Beyrouth (LMAB)” 2015-2016 Fashion Week that took place at Forum de Beyrouth from November 4 till 8, 2015 featuring fashion shows for leading brands and designers.

I had the honour to attend the opening show with international designer Yahya Al Bishri and the events that followed over the next 5 days hosting amazing local and international designers:

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Salon de Thé et Restaurant LaDurée Opening at Villa Zein, BCD

On Tuesday, October 13th, I had the pleasure to attend the opening of Salon de Thé et Restaurant LaDurée at Villa Zein, Beirut Central District.

LaDurée is my favourite place to indulge at when I’m in the mood for fancy and luxurious desserts, and their new Salon de Thé is just perfect for my obsession with afternoon Coffee breaks and sweets! It has this beautiful Parisian ambiance for a quick little escape.

Throughout the evening, we enjoyed mouth watering bites over a glass of fine Champagne. Here at the highlights of the night:

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